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Form NC-4: Every Employee Must Complete A New Form NC-4 for 2014

Employers:  You must have all employees (old and new) complete a new Form NC-4 for tax year 2014.

As a result of recent law changes, how you determine the number of allowances for tax year 2014 will differ from previous years.

Most taxpayers will not be entitled to as many allowances, and as a result, more taxpayers should claim zero (0) allowances.

Additionally, you are no longer allowed to claim a NC withholding exemption for yourself, your spouse, your children, or any other qualifying dependents.

Click here for a copy of Form NC-4.

  • This form must be printed and completed by hand.
  • Do not mix pages from traditional web forms with pages from other types of forms such as software generated forms, preprinted forms or forms from booklets.
  • Do not use red ink (use black or blue).
  • Do not use dollar signs, commas, or other punctuation marks or symbols.
  • Do not submit photocopies of forms. Submit original forms only.
  • Do not use brackets for negative numbers.
  • Do not select “no graphics” options on your printer.
  • Set Page Scaling to “none”. The Auto-Rotate and Center checkbox should be unchecked.

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